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Want to be RELEASED from your sensitivity to EMFs? 

Personal Energy Support

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Want to learn how to clear EMF frequences interference for your self and others?

Restoring Vitality

Release Energetic Blocks


You know that you’re sensitive to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields). These kind of frequencies are everywhere coming off of your phone, TV and Computer. What if they didn’t bother you or your family anymore???

Don can change your reaction to  your devices

and empower you to use them as a healing device. 

The Quest for Vitality

 Do you feel overwhelmed by fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, or plagued by a yearning for something that feels out of reach?

The 3 Keys to A Positive Future

Humanity is on the brink of a huge transformation. Can you sense it?

EMF Remediation

Learn about the release of your body’s resistance to EMFs. 

The Electrical Body

Don Lynch sees your Electrical Body and explains here. 


We are going through some powerful energetic changes right now. The earth and mankind are being influenced by Solar activity as well as powerful technology upgrades.  

I want to support you to go through these energy shifts with ease. Once you are balanced,  I would be delighted to empower you to learn how to support yourself and your loved ones. 


About Don

Don Lynch is an Energy Body Transformer.

He has been involved with Chiropractic and Energy research for forty years. He is affiliated with Mua Thai Sangh and Kshartia Sangham schools of Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Greece, and Canada. He has devoted twelve years researching advanced energy techniques using a science and biologically based approach.


“The sessions with Don definitely improved my healing process. I was able to stop thinking and focus more on feeling things I wasn’t able to on my own. I am very grateful for Don’s help and techniques that now aid me in identifying and releasing blocked energy in my body and mind.”  Carl

“Don has been a friend for nearly 40 years and I remember him developing and practicing his unique talent of redirecting energy to heal. He has had a magical touch for many decades.”

David Dittmer

“Don is an amazing healer..when he traveled to Thailand..he relieved all our students from different blockages. He is fantastic and a genuine healer. I recommend 100 % respects to him and his work.”

Pedro Solana



One on One Sessions

Everything in your body operates because of ELECTRICITY.  If it is not running smoothly, you cannot function at your best.


I’m excited to share my knowledge with you! Learn how you can support yourself and others through my training classes.

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EMF Remediation can help you be more productive. 

Even your glasses can be cleared! 



Clearing Your Sensitivity to EMFs

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