Electricity is all around us all the time. It makes our lives easier, safer, and more fun. We hardly most of think about it, but is there such a thing as too much electricity? Could the thing that is the foundation of the modern world slowly be killing us?

Before we dive deeper, let’s try to understand what electricity is and how it affects us.

Electricity is the movement of an electric charge. This movement generates electric and magnetic fields that spread out through space and carry energy. We call this phenomenon electromagnetic radiation. Radiation is a word that makes people very nervous, but to radiate just means giving off like when the radiator in your house gives off heat in the form of infrared radiation. Different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum correspond to different types of radiation and many of them are perfectly harmless. Some of them can be dangerous though.

Radiation with very short wavelengths like UV light, x-rays and gamma rays are strong enough to rip electrons out of their atoms, which can cause burns and genetic damage. This is what many people have in mind when they hear the term radiation. The rest of the spectrum covers a large range of longer waves from visible light infrared microwaves to radio waves. This is the kind of radiation that’s emitted by all sorts of human technology, mobile phones, Wifi routers, electric power lines and household appliances.

This radiation doesn’t disrupt molecules in our body. However, some kinds of radiation can stimulate muscles. And sensitive people can be easily affected. (with chills, goosebumps, or fatigue).

For example, the pleasant warmth you feel at the beach is your skin heating up from exposure to electromagnetic infrared radiation from the sun. We are surrounded by natural and generally harmless sources of electromagnetic radiation all the time and always have been, but since the industrial revolution we have added a lot of it to our immediate environment.

The question is whether electricity is dangerous for your health and well-being.

This issue first got public attention when a 1979 study linked leukemia to living near power lines. This study was quickly discredited though the connection could not be substantiated, but once this had been proposed, the idea persisted and the thousands of studies about possible dangers illustrate that it’s still seen by many as a very real threat.

A lot of people realized that they were sensitive to the radiation coming from their appliances and cell phones. They report symptoms like headaches, nausea, skin reactions, burning eyes or exhaustion, but those are just effects reported on a day to day basis.

A few studies have found much more unsettling results like possible connections between the side of the brain, which people use when they’re on their phones and the appearance of brain tumors. The question that science is trying to answer is not so much about the acute effects of irradiation. We know for example, that x-rays cause immediate damage to the DNA in your cells, but that the same doesn’t happen with radio waves. The question is rather is the sort of weak electromagnetic radiation.

If you are sensitive and feel you are being affected by either your phone, computer, smart meter or 5G, please follow my work so that we can support your system to live peacefully in our modern world.