Do you want access to your Vital Energy? Do you feel overwhelmed by fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, or plagued by a yearning for something that feels out of reach? 

Each of us has access to an unlimited fountain of energy and creativity but we may have forgotten how to connect to it.   The entire universe, including you, is made of energy. In fact, as you are reading this you are swimming in this remarkable field of potential.  And I can connect you to it easily and permanently.  

Want to know how?

Keep reading as I share some original insights to guide you to a vital energy state.

Quantum physicists and sages from ancient times have informed us that we are beings of energy living in a sea of potential. I feel that we are collectively here to remember ourselves as spiritual beings, empowered to learn, serve, and celebrate.

So how can you remember and reconnect to your powerful energy?

  1. First, we need to see ourselves as empowered to affect our circumstances.
  2. Next, we’ll want to activate your capacity to feel your body and the space around you.
  3. Then, we call in energy to release the blocks stuck in your field so the current can flow without resistance.

Many things in your life are affecting your energy flow. For instance, if you wear glasses, the metal in the frames can be redirecting the energy near our brains. (see the video below for what I did to adjust the energy interference from her glasses).

I would be happy to teach you what I know so that you can have the vital energy to finish the day with energy to spare.