Being honest with yourself is important and necessary for a variety of reasons. Learning to listen to yourself and unquestioningly accept who you are and what you believe is not something that comes naturally for any of us, and yet it is the way we learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

Being honest with yourself is how you learn to deal with past trauma and old wounds. Through honesty, you acknowledge your role in these past mistakes, but you also learn to forgive so that you can move forward without the emotional baggage you have been carrying. Honesty with yourself is the only way you can face your problems and confront your demons.

Most illnesses come from this emotional baggage. When I do energy clearings, I don’t even need for you to name it. The story doesn’t help it release, instead the more you share the story, the harder it is to release and help you.

I see the energy in your field. I can see where the energy is not flowing because of blocks . It’s easy for these blocks to be cleared. But they may return if you don’t release the emotional baggage as well.

Self-honesty is the cornerstone of self-improvement and realizing all your dreams. Until you are truly honest with yourself about your values, goals, abilities, and weaknesses, you will never be able to reach all the goals you set for yourself and to find genuine happiness finally. Only when you see yourself as you truly are and accept that can you hope to be comfortable in your life and with yourself.

When you are honest with yourself, you can let go of a lot of the fears that guide your life. Being honest with yourself means embracing your values and needs, which means you can finally stop worrying about everyone else and their opinions.

When you know exactly who you are, you also stop feeling like you need to judge other people, because accepting yourself means accepting that others are on their own journey.

Without self-honesty, you can never really know what it is you want in life. You may change your ideas and goals based on what others are doing or one what you THINK you should want, but this will only create a life that leads to unhappiness. You are unique, and only you can decide what is best for you.

Until you are honest with yourself, you can never be really honest with other people. When you hide the truth from yourself, you must also hide that same truth from those you love. If you want a healthy, stable relationship that is built upon honesty and trust, then it must be founded upon a level of honesty with yourself.

When you are honest with yourself, you can open your heart and mind to freedom, inner peace, and stability. Creating peace within your heart happens when you learn to be honest, accept, and forgive yourself. And when you create this peace, the rest of your life becomes possible and joyful.

Being honest with yourself helps you gain clarity about not only you but about others and the world. You no longer have to navigate the lies and rationalizations. You are free to make the best choices for yourself and to avoid those circumstances that do not serve you well. Your path to happiness becomes more evident when you chose self-honesty.

Finally, self-honesty improves your ability to take responsibility for yourself and your life, including your choices and the consequences of those. Only when you accept your life fully can you hope to change things for the better.

Change is evolution, and by accepting yourself and the consequences of your actions, you can evolve more fully to enjoy the opportunities that life has to offer.