The body operates electrically.

With this understanding, we can now approach the whole thing from a new, yet old, perspective.

Those emotions, aches, pain, disease, illness are all experienced electrically.

The autonomic system and it’s relaxation response are unconscious systems, yet the can be used consciously as well.

Now we get to the part that seems contrarian …

When you are stressed out and you get home, then sit down in your favorite chair, with your favorite beverage, your body automatically induces the relaxation response, taking a deep breath in through the nose and forcefully blowing it out through the mouth. The stress that you feel, you feel via your electrical system. So when taking a relaxation breath, the body actually is releasing an electrical point of resistance in the body which was causing an un-safe or un-healthy condition.

This ability of the body to release an electrical point of resistance is naturally occurring, so how about we explore that some more??

Why not use it to release more damaging points, like retained, emotions, like fears, anger, pain, self limiting beliefs, etc?

Use it to release all types of blocks to the body’s self healing…as well as changing the way we interact with the world around us…