Well, I find the basic problem that empaths have are they’re going against their own design, their own interior mechanization. They are designed to feel and they keep pushing against that and putting shields up and resisting. And as a consequence, their flow is interrupted. And what happens is, is that they’re putting so much energy to not feel and not flow and resist feeling that the whole system gets deteriorated and reduces their effectiveness.

They’re designed to feel, but then you go against your design.

It’s gonna cause structural problems. And so what happens is, is that they ended up, leading a fear based life. Now I have accumulated a fairly wide selection of fears that people deal with. And if you would let me, I’d like to read that list and see maybe some of these might bounce off of some of the Empaths and Highly Sensitive People that might watch this.

This is a just a short list. I’m just gonna read it right off my page I wrote here and I’m just going to start with this. Fear-based life drains me if I let it.

Let’s name a few. Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of being too good
  • Fear of guilt
  • Fear of ignorance
  • Fear of knowledge
  • Fear of a lack of control
  • Fear of being in control
  • Fear of hopelessness
  • Fear of the End
  • fear of the beginning
  • Fear of helplessness
  • Fear of having enough stuff
  • fear of having too much stuff
  • Fear of not having the right stuff
  • fear of not having the right stuff at the right time
  • Fear of being
  • fear of not being
  • Fear of passing
  • Fear of seeing if are feeling fear of pain
  • Fear of loving
  • Fear of being loved
  • Fear of disconnection
  • Fear of connection
  • Fear of oneness
  • Fear of being one
  • Fear of authority
  • Fear of being controlled
  • Fear of being authority
  • Fear of controlling
  • Fear of sadness
  • Fear of happiness
  • Fear of colors
  • Fear of shapes
  • Fear of my mind, etc.

Please add your own and let me know if you think of any others, please contact me so I can add it to my list.

I’m glad we’re done with that.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People have a special way of tapping into their environment. They can walk into a room and sense what’s going on and sometimes they unwittingly capture some of those feelings and take them home with them like they’re their own. So if you’re feeling off, you can just clear it.

And so that’s a feeling that you feel in your body. If you feel that you can pinpoint exactly where you feel it at, say it’s sadness in the heart. You pinpoint exactly where it is in the heart, down to the neuron using your brain. You go in there, pinpoint the sadness on the front, the back, the sides of your heart. And when you find it, you just go and then take a deep breath, pulse on your body 3 times, and see what happens.

It’s that simple because if you’ve seen my other videos, I talk about us being just bags of water and we have some electrical resistance bouncing around in here, and you have an operating system, the operating system is designed to protect the bag of water. All you have to do is help highlight that point of what I call resistance or fear, and put it in pulse energy into the body and release it. If in doubt, try it out.