The Article :Low‐Frequency Magnetic Fields in Cars and Office Premises and the Geomagnetic Field Variations

My Comments:

The density of MF is proportional to the level of excitement in the human electrical system, most likely, directly in relation to the triad system of the amygdala, thyroid, and adrenals.  The stress of heavy traffic, the stress of office environments cause the system to be under a constant state of charge.  Working from the perspective of the system being a series of capacitors, the system can be discharged through the fight or flight response or through the relaxation response.

The system, if not discharged, can manifest in  a wide range of physical reactions, such as hypothyroid, high blood pressure, adrenal failure, frontal cortex pressure, autonomic response system failure.

The source of the electrical field and it’s effects on the human body is directly related to the type of wave generated.  Electrical fields generated by nature tend to be the natural sine wave, while cellphones, etc are generally square waves.  The electrical body excites differently in a thunder and lightning storm, as opposed to wave generated by monitors, computers, modern electrical systems.

Using existing systems in the human electrical body can result in an overall health benefit and allow the system to evolve to its higher functions.