A version :  born highly sensitive, advance into to your own highest level of integration (of society, family, work etc…), become fearful, shield, get sick, live an unfulfilled existence, die.

A different version : born highly sensitive, advance to highest level of integration, be oneness and be fulfilled, live happily, die a physical death.

plan A :

I want _______________. 

I am ________________.

A different version of Plan A :

Feel, flow, be a singular version of oneness.  Chop wood (live a life in this plane of existence). 

Understand that we are born connected, highly sensitive individuals.  Our personal challenge as a  sensitive and a empath,  is our belief of who and what we are.

 We already feel, we are connected, now what do you do? 

You are in charge, you decide.

Do you walk your true path, or do something else?  All options are on the table.

You maybe living a difficult, complicated existence, however, existence is a reflection of integration into the plane of existence (chop wood) while maintaining a full and complete connection.   In order to clean up connection, you must be able to feel on a profound level.  Be who you truly are.

Are you walking your true path?

Can you feel more profoundly than you do now?

Do you need to feel more profoundly to be your true self?

Know your own answers.

In a moment of silence,

Don Lynch