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Who is Don Lynch?

I’m still working on that myself. I basically came up through corporate America, worked in restaurants, food manufacturing, and business, with a farming upbringing. That’s the essence of my early experiences.

And then I had three near death experiences in the water which completely changed my life. It was beyond my control. I had no choice in the matter and immediately started having a lot of emphatic and unusual experiences, which has led me to where I am today.  I’m highly, highly sensitive and as a result of a shamanic experience with an Indian in the mountains of Mexico, I consequently have developed, beyond what would be considered normal capacity for connecting with and upgrading people’s energy.  I worked with a lot of professional fighters around Mexico, and a few in the US and Thailand.

I act as “roadside assistance” for people that, are on the awakening path that maybe need a little push in one way or another or maybe have questions that they not sure about answers to, or maybe need a new way to approach things or a different way to see things. I can offer you some different perspectives on stuff that are unusual to say the least and hopefully can guide you along your path. And I’m not here to change your path. I’m here to help you along your path.

You’ll find yourself activated in ways you probably weren’t aware of before. And that’s actually built into our systems. And we as stupid humans have actually lost touch with this capacity. I can help you reconnect, activate that gateway, and be who you’re truly designed to be and help you to follow your path to its destiny.

I still work on people from all around the world. I’m based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I live with my wife and two kids.

Please let me know how I can support you.