Vital Energy Secrets 11-21-19

Want to RELEASE the hold EMFs and 5G have on you?

Class Fee for one day is $222.00

Class for 2 days is $333.00

Enjoy this opportunity to thrive in the new energies!

Energy Body Wizard, Don Lynch, will guide us through training so we can accomplish this for ourselves and others!

Learn how to work with these new energies in only one weekend!

Feel the Release * Restore Your Vibrancy * Regain Your Strength * Enjoy Living in the Flow!

* Repair Your Energy Fields * Release Pain and Fear * Shift Negative Emotions!


Align Your Frequencies and Radiate the beauty of your heart, mind, body and soul!

Don will empower you to do this for yourself.  Once you feel the difference, you will want to clear all the blocks you have to showing up with your full potential of vital energy.

Past Class Photos (Taos- left, Boulder -right)

November 21, 2019  10am-4:30pm

Heidi and John Curren’s home

4069 S.E. Maryhill Place

Hobe Sound, FL

You can expect BIG transformations because each class builds upon the next!

Here are some of the benefits you will receive:

– Basic cellphone, energy sensitivity training.

– Understanding and developing awareness of how ego is a self-limiting aspect of us.

– Understanding EMF resistance and Plasma drag.

– Sensitivity enhancement via directional and torsion sensations leading to profound feeling and flow.

– Field and flow expansion and improvement.

– Improving love and connectiveness.

– Expanding consciousness and clearing connection to higher consciousness instantly.

“In a matter of fact, humble manner, Don empowers people to be less affected by stressors in their environments- whether they be EMF, another person’s energy, strange feng-shui or an electrical storm. He zeros in on the body organs that are affected and helps restore them to health and vibrancy through a simple breathing and tapping process which he teaches you, in a session, by demonstration. After my session I had increased awareness of when I was being negatively affected by someone or something and had the tools to lessen or eliminate its impact. The energy in my body and home are lighter and happier. ” Tara S. Taos, NM

Class Fee for one day is $222.00

Class for 2 days is $333.00

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