Vital Energy Secrets

Accelerate Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Want to RELEASE the hold EMFs and 5G have on you?

Energy Body Wizard, Don Lynch, will guide us through training so we can accomplish this for ourselves and others!

Learn how to work with these new energies in only one weekend!

Feel the Release * Restore Your Vibrancy * Regain Your Strength * Enjoy Living in the Flow!

* Repair Your Energy Fields * Release Pain and Fear * Shift Negative Emotions!


Align Your Frequencies and Radiate the beauty of your heart, mind, body and soul!

August 3- Day 1

Morning- Electric Self Care (bring your cellphone)

  • Back to basics
  • How we got to where we are.
  • What are Emotions, aches and pains
  • Focus inside yourself
  • How and why to take care of your electrical self
  • Instant meridian clearings
  • And more!

Afternoon- Body Upgrades

  • A new way to work with emotions.
  • The key to overall health – the triad
  • Kidneys, liver, pancreas, digestive tract and abdominal health
  • And more!

August 4 -Day 2

Morning Session – Your body, your environment  (bring your pendants, jewelry, computers, phones, objects etc.)

  • Learn how to flow in your environment and your path
  • Release frequencies from objects and space.
  • Learn how to release frequencies from people, and animals.
  • And more!

Afternoon Session-  Consciousness and the  3rd eye

  • Your body and torsion
  • Learn to read, and change torsion in yourself and others to speed healing and enhance connections.
  • 3rd eye upgrade
  • Chakra upgrades – fix spin, blocks etc. using built in systems and your ability to connect.
  • Instant Consciousness upgrade

Class will be held at the Meeting rooms at The Boulder Inn, 770 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80303

Class hours are: Morning session 9-12, Afternoon session 1:30-4:30pm

Any questions, contact Kathy Mason at [email protected] or 720-938-2536


Class fee for Full Class is $444.00


Class Fee for Sat. only is $300.00