Don Lynch

Energy Body Transformer

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What others are saying…

“The sessions with Don definitely improved my healing process. I was able to stop thinking and focus more on feel things I wasn’t able to on my own. I am very grateful for Don’s help and techniques that now aid me in identifying and releasing blocked energy in my body and mind.”


 “Don’s healing ability is amazing. He is so gifted!!!!”  Wynter Eve

“Don has been a friend for nearly 40 years and I remember him developing and practicing his unique talent of redirecting energy to heal. He has had a magical touch for many decades.” David Dittmer

“Don is an amazing healer..when he traveled to Thailand..he relieved all our students from different blockages. He is fantastic and genuine healer. I recommend 100 % respects to him and his work.”  Pedro Solana

“In a matter of fact, humble manner, Don empowers people to be less affected by stressors in their environments- whether they be EMF, another person’s energy, strange feng-shui or an electrical storm. He zeros in on the body organs that are affected and helps restore them to health and vibrancy through a simple breathing and tapping process which he teaches you, in a session, by demonstration. After my session I had increased awareness of when I was being negatively affected by someone or something and had the tools to lessen or eliminate its impact. The energy in my body and home are lighter and happier. ” Tara S. Taos, NM


“I’ve suffered from chronic digestive illness including IBS, leaky gut and ulcerative colitis to name a few. Healers have repeatedly told me I need to learn to digest life, energy and food from a different place in my body. I never understood what that meant. I’ve worked tirelessly with nutritionists, autoimmune specialists and have taken supplements by the cup fulls. Since my one session with Don – over Zoom – I have experienced these following days with calm and normal digestive behavior. The big surprise is a warm, loving sensation, like an embrace, coming down from the back of my head, spreading down my back and into my gut system which feels like it is an awakened intelligence of “healthy digesting.” This sensation happens not only when I’m about to eat, it also happens when my energy starts to get stirred. A miracle in my book! Bless you Don!!!”

Danae Shanti, Danae Shanti Thrive, Singing Children Home and Music For Profit.